Main aliases:

Ms. Time Lord



Species: Time Lord
Place of origin: Gallifrey
First seen in: Return of the Time Agency
Appearances: TBA
Main actor: Emma Roberts

"Not alot of people know about me, but that's a good thing. You must be Ninth Doctor's new campainon."

Haley meeting Elise James for the first time

Haley is one of the two surving Time Lord and is an old friend of Ninth Doctor. Haley is now the leader of the Time Agency. She had a crush on "Jack Harkness" after he saves her from the Empty children. Haley has been traveling in a black mustang. Haley had surived the Great Time War, but lost most of her friends during the fight.

Haley is now back and leads the Time Agency. Haley and a bunch of Time Agents hate Torchwood. Haley keeps Doctor informed anything about Jack and what he does. Haley had been in hiding for years.


The Great Time War

Haley being immortal fought in the war. She was an campinion of a lot of doctors including the first one.  She fought to save her home planet, but couldn't save her own friends from the Daleks. She was upset so she ran away.

Meeting the Ninth Doctor

Haley met the Ninth Doctor while trying to figure out of who stole the queen of Teerla's daughter. The Doctor helps her find the daughter. They both agree to work together and fight evil aliens. For years, they worked together.

Haley and the Doctor became close friends and wouldn't hurt each other. She helped him forget what happened during Great Time War. They both knew that couldn't forget what happened during the war.

Meeting Jack Harkness

Haley decides to go solo for a while and time traveled to the Blitz. She meets "Jack Harkness" when she asks people what has been happening to the children and the people in this city. She falls in love with Jack when he saves her life from the Empty Child. Ninth Doctor and her reunite when he arrives to the same place. She meets 

Haley knew that Jack never had the same feelings towards her because she could spot him staring at Doctor. Haley worked hard on stopping the Empty Children from effecting all of them with the virus by using her sonic gun and sonic screwdriver. Jack was very impressed by Haley and her skills. She left with the Doctor and almost left behind Jack. She had convince the others to save him from the bomb.

Creating the Time Agency

Haley leaves the group again after she hears Jack doesn't care about her. She told Doctor she was leaving for good and the Doctor understood because he heard what Jack said. She meets a couple of Time Agents named SteveSebastianJulia, and Annabel and they create a new time agency. She worked with them to protect the earth from evil aliens. Her crew knew that she was an immortal time lord.

For years, she tries to forget Jack, but it was hard because he was her first love. She gathered more time agents and tries to hide from the Doctor and Jack. She hears from other time agents about Torchwood.


Haley is a tough, brave, studborn strong-willed, smart, open minded, beautiful, bossy, sassy, kind, caring, honest, loyal, trustworthy, and tom boy. She is a natural born leader. Haley is immortal, but she can still get injured.


Jack Harkness

See: Jack and Haley- Haleck
Jack meets Haley when she arrives into London during the Blitz. Jack had brought her in for questioning if she knew anything about the empty children. Haley had confused him with information she knew about them. Jack saved her from the empty child and she realized she started to have feelings for him.

Haley knew he didn't have feelings for him when the Doctor arrived during the Blitz. Doctor told Jack everything about him, but didn't explain who Haley was. When they saved every child and adults from the virus. When Jack saved them from the bomb she was scared he was going to die, so she asked Doctor to save him and they did. 

Haley over hears Jack telling someone at a bar, that he didn't really care about anyone. She was very upset and ran off. She told the Doctor she was leaving for good, so she got a car and made improvements and time traveled to another time.

Haley is currently hiding from him and Torchwood.


  • HaleyGo to Return of the Time Agency
  • Her sonic screwdriver
  • Her car


  • Haley is immortal, but she can still get injured.

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